Qingdao Tsin-An Trading co, ltd


Qingdao TsinAnTrading co, ltd is a company whose total registered capital is 500 millionyuan. We aimed at food trading from the beginning of our company establishmentto now.

Our goal is justto provide people in China with the high quality imported food.

At present, wehave the high quality imported food as follows: Red wine from Chile, mutton andbeef from Australia, slimming coffee from Poland, Nature honey and dried fruitsfrom Canada, dark fruit sandwich chocolate from USA. All of our products arequalified with the inspection of CIQ.  Weare working on the integration of online and offline (O2O---ON line to offline) .We have established our thorough marketing system. The online shoppingsystem and distributing system under line which can distribute our products tothe franchise stores is working efficiently with the Headquarters, consumersand franchise stores. This can let consumers place orders online and enjoy theoffline delivery and service. The abundant products in our online platformsupply more choices for consumers. We are ready, waiting for you to join us forchina great market.

Address: Room 101,Huahai Gardon, No.29 Alishan Road, Economic&Technology Development Zone ofQingdao, Shandong ,China.


  Address:Room 101, Huahai Gardon, No.29 Alishan Road,Economic&Technology Development Zone of Qingdao, Shandong ,China.        

  Phone:86 0532 86973601-2025